Sad Day, No Snow

Yesterday was a trip to the British Emporium in Grapevine, they have the most fascinating things.So, over $100.00 later, we had comfort food for the Irishman, a little taste of home. Then it was Abuelo’s for me, I love Mexican food! Then home, the Irishman is sick, headache, body aches, throat hurts, am hoping I don’t get it. I hate being sick, I rarely get sick, so I shouldn’t get it. I take mega doses of vitamin B and C, so I should be safe.
We got a smattering of snow last night, none stuck, now it is raining, but it is above freezing. I cannot catch a break weather wise, I am hoping this is not an indicator of how my birthday year will go.
Well after a great weekend, it is back to work for me, I am working Monday through Wednesday, then off Thursday and Friday. Jeffrey is having surgery on his back and I am going to take him then take care of him while he recovers. I hope everyone has a great day and for those of you in Oklahoma who are getting snow, I am jealous.

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