My Sunday Rant

Ok, I have held off long enough, I am angry, yes, angry with the way some people are putting the late Joe Paterno on a pedestal. Seriously people, this man had knowledge that his FRIEND was sodomizing young boys and did nothing. I said nothing, oh yes, he reported it to his superiors, really Joe, is that the answer you gave God? I reported it to my superiors, I did the bare minimum of what I was supposed to do. How bout calling the police? How bout right then and there when it was reported to you, you call the police. Did you ever once think about those children? And that your inaction allowed a monster to continue to prey on more innocents? I bet not, you were thinking about yourself, I do not see you as a scapegoat here Joe, I see you as a perpetrator, you allowed it to continue as long as it wasn’t in your building. What did you care about some poor kids, and let’s make no mistake about it, the predator knew his prey, he chose boys who had no fathers in the home. You knew your boys were safe, so you didn’t care about the poor kids, kids who would not be coming to your college because they couldn’t afford it. I wonder how you justified your actions, or should I say, inactions to God. I wonder what he said to you, perhaps he just shook his head in disgust, told St Peter to get you out of his sight. I don’t know, and really I don’t care. That is between you and God.
What I do care about are all of the children that you could have saved with one phone call, to the authorities. Shame on you Joe Paterno, shame on you.
To all the people out there who are idealizing this man, well, shame on you as well, his inactions erased years of reputation in the community, in my opinion. What are you doing to help these boys? Ask yourselves that, what can you do to help these children the monster you kept in your midst hurt. That is the only thing you should be concerned about, justice, healing, not idealizing a man who had it within his power to stop the terrorizing of innocents years ago.

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