Monday = Funday

I have decided that Monday’s are not to be had, I am decreeing from this point forward that the day of the week formerly known as Monday shall be known as Funday. We will all have fun in the world of Angie.
Well, I did it, I saw One for the Money, or should I say we saw it, the Irishman took me to see it, and I loved it! They should begin filming Two for the Dough immediately. I have to say Sherrie Shepherd looked and acted just like I imagined Lula to be. She did a great job. They all did kudos for bringing to life some of my favorite characters. Have I mentioned I have met the author of the books? Well, yes indeed I have, Janet Evanovich, very nice, love her writing, have all of the Stephanie Plum books.
Saturday was spent with Elizabeth Anne, getting her birthday present, the IPhone 4S, I hope she is happy with it; she is a good daughter and deserves something special. We had dinner with Jeffrey and Freddy that evening. The Irishman was working and Alex is in Mexico, so it was just us. A good time was had by all; Jeffrey had frog legs, that was interesting.
Sunday was Brunch with Louise and Wanda planning the birthday party for Al. Lots of decisions were made and planning phase accomplished. So excited to see everything come together for such a great lady.
Well, happy Funday everyone, go out and make it happen.

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