Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Yesterday was another team meeting, there were even more team members there, and I changed desks yesterday to be closer to my new team. Another productive team meeting, everyone was fully engaged and contributed, it was just plain old fashioned good.
So far this weather has been great, cooler temperatures, we all know how much I love that. Boots, sweaters, leggings and cool leather jackets are the rule of the day. I am in heaven!
This weekend is a very busy one for me, carpet cleaning, the Irishman has his children, he wants to go see the Muppet movie with them. Then possibly shopping with Elizabeth Anne on Sunday. Then work for a week, then the following week one and a half days of work, then off till the Tuesday after Christmas! WooooHooooo! So excited, I love Christmas, I love this time of year. This is the only time I actually cook, like real food. I know!
I hope everyone has a great Friday and enjoys their weekend!

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