Wacky Wednesday

I shall rename today Wacky Wednesday, for no apparent reason. I woke up to having to make my own coffee, which is fine, however I like the Irishman’s better. Once again I am having honey in it, you know it really brings out the coffee flavor. I am rather enjoying it.
My nails are looking rather raggedy right now, nail appointment on Saturday, I think for the season I am going to forgo the french manicure for a color, a holiday color. I am thinking red, I know, original, maybe with some sparkle, since I have a party to go to Saturday night and a football watching thing on Sunday. I want to look festive, I have found the perfect dress in my closet to wear Saturday night. It is red, fitted and amazing, I have only worn it once, then could never wear it again. I got it from Victoria’s Secret so you know it is incredibly sexy. Not something most people think of me as, but at times I can look incredibly hot. So, for Saturday night I choose to look hot, or at least in my mind I will. And seriously, that is all that counts. Shoes, that is the big question, I have the smokin hot Carlos Santana ones, however they are red, would that be overkill, do I go with black to break it up, or go with the red shoes and carry a black purse to break up the red? Decisions. And Sunday, what do I wear? It is a football watching party, do I wear the pink Cowboys jersey I bought to support United Way? Do I wear a cute outfit? I think we all know I don’t really watch football, ok, not at all, I go for the social aspect. I like these people, they are nice and fun, I am in such a quandary as to what to wear. I’ll ask Rachel what she is wearing. Whew, disaster averted.
Ok, I am off to get dressed and start my day, I am still loving my tour, I am finally getting enough sleep and am waking up rested, a heady feeling indeed.

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