Which Sex in the City Character Am I?

So the other day a questions was posed on Facebook, which Sex in the City character are you? Well that is a loaded question, because I identify with portions of each of them, except for Carrie. I believe Carrie did some of the stupidest things a woman could do. Things that when they happened I was like OMG no woman on earth would do these things. I really hope I am right. Let’s take for instance the time Big told her he did not want to introduce her to his mother. She found out he went to church with his mother every Sunday, so she drags one of her cohorts with her, dresses in what she thinks is her Sunday best and off she goes. She “accidentally” bumps into them after church, forcing an introduction. Then her feelings get hurt when Big does not introduce her the way she wants to be introduced. I remember watching that episode with my nephew and he and I both were like are you kidding me. We could not believe she had done this incredibly stupid thing.
I have to admit I love Samantha, simply because she is so very honest with who she is and what she wants out of life. There is a line she says in the first movie, and yes I drug the Irishman with me to see it, she turns to Smith Jarred and says “I love you, but I love me more”. The Irishman turns to me and says that is so you. And he is right, I love me, I love me more than almost anything and anyone. The only people I truly love more than me are my children and their progeny. I love who I am, I love the fact that I recognize I have issues and deal with them; I get rid of the ones that harm me and keep the ones that make me slightly eccentric. I love who I am, I hope I have instilled in my daughter the ability to love herself and with that respect who she is and stay true to herself.
I agree with Charlotte on the rules, be a rules girl, respect yourself and others will respect you as well. I also love the fact that her vision about who she was changed, she decided that being with someone simply because he was who society said she should be with was not what she wanted. I loved it when she fell in love with Harry and realized he was not what she had envisioned herself with. I love how she learned humility and what true love is.
I don’t understand why they made Miranda the ugly one, was it because she was supposed to be the smart one? Is that really how men think of smart women? That we are less attractive than other women? The actress that plays Miranda is pretty in real life, but in the show they messed her teeth up and made her dowdy. How sad is that, on television and in the movies if you are smart you are seen as less than in the looks department. I find this especially troublesome as I believe I am highly intelligent, articulate and ever evolving, and so totally not unattractive. Oh I know I go through spells where I post that I am having an ugly day, but on the whole, I think I am really pretty. And everyone wants me. And I am smart.
Very frustrating to see smart women portrayed this way on my favorite medium, so in conclusion, I am a combination of all of the Sex in the City women, with only a little bit of Carrie thrown in. after all haven’t we all done something completely stupid at least once in our lives?

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  1. Since the only people who do not “love me more than I love you” are typically depressed and unworthy people. Yay you! You are sane!

  2. Jess! I have been a good friend to you! I cannot believe you called me sane! I don’t even know how to reply. I am hurt beyond words…..

  3. Oh to think you defeat me so simply by throwing my words back to me. I, sir, am not so easily silenced. While yes, I do in fact love me more than almost anything, you should not be of the same frame of mind. You in fact should be currying favor as you are currently my second in command. I do believe you are under the impression that the Empress of the Universe is on vacation. She is not. Insanity, in a good way rules, and calling me sane, Jess I am hurt beyond words.

  4. Good, I brought the Empress out of hiding with my words. Mission complete. She was too busy navel-gazing to do any world conquering. Had to change that up.

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