Results Day!

Today is the day I get the results from my CT scan, a little daunting if you ask me, what happens if I just skip it and ignore everything…. Am I really better off knowing what is going on in my nasal cavity? I mean do I really need to smell anything? EVER? As long as I know I bathe and smell good, isn’t that enough? Do I really need to know how everyone else smells? I do miss walking into Starbucks and allowing the richness of the coffee aroma wash over me. That would be a sacrifice. So off I go to find out my fate. If I am dying, I am going to start doing all of the things I want to do in life, singing at the top of my lungs in public, dancing in the museum, living on nothing but coffee and chocolate. And spending time with the most amazing children on the face of the planet.
Right now my immediate fear is getting a turkey neck, we all know what those are, Harrison Ford has one, I do not want one, I refuse to allow anyone to take my picture from a side view. I do not want to know if one is forming. My birthday is in February, if anyone would like to donate the services of a plastic surgeon, I would be appreciative.
Donations are rolling in, we have some wonderful things to raffle off, we are collecting more this week and next, and of course if you find anything after that please contact me, I will take things up until we end this on October 22.
Wish me luck!

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  1. I am sure it is just an Alien incubating in your nasal passage ready to burst out in a fit of Sigourney Weaver anticipation when it hatches. You will be fine.

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