Dance your blues away

I have been slapped back to reality, just when you think you have heard everything, something else comes up to knock you off of your equilibrium. What is one to do? Decisions to make, stalking to be done, I need a list. Anyone else having a kinda crappy week?
Yesterday started off well enough, it was my oldest son’s birthday, Jeffrey, he is a whopping 26. Jeffrey is a son any mother would be proud to have, he is funny, handsome, intelligent, kind and caring with a dash of sarcasm. I am amazingly happy for the way he turned out. Happy Birthday Son, I love you and wouldn’t change anything about you.
I have decided that I need to begin exercising, as we all know I hate exercising, but begin I will. Today. This evening. I will report back tomorrow on how I fared.
As everyone knows by now, I ran away from home to home, I am still feeling the effects of that trip. I believe I have a glow about me from it. It was amazingly refreshing, I highly suggested everyone run away to Owasso, Oklahoma for a weekend of relaxation, dancing and pure old-fashioned fun. Of course it helps to have my friends as well. I realize not all of you can know Chris, Tammi or Linda, so your trip might not be as fun, but you can try it.

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