Totally Disgusted

Just because something is “allowed” or isn’t technically against the rules doesn’t make it morally right. I am so sick of people, and people who have volunteered to protect the rights of others, trampling on those rights! What makes you think we aren’t watching? What makes you think that when you get ready to want bigger things that we will stand behind you? We have watched you, you have not done the right thing where you should have and we will not forget. I will not forget and I will let others know how you have stepped on them in the past and continue to step on them now. Shame on you, you know who you are, no, you and I are not friends, we only travel in one of the same circles together, it is the circle that people are supposed to be able to rely on. But because you have chosen to do something that is not entirely aboveboard. I am ashamed to be associated with you at this point in time. You do not bring honor to your title and I am disgusted that you don’t seem to understand how you are trampling on people.
I know you will never read this, but just know, others will, they will ask who you are and what you did, I will tell them. I will be very vocal about it due to the fact you have been spoken to about the situation and continue to behave in the same manner. Shame on you.

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