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There is a show on ABC Family Chanel that is called Melissa and Joey; it stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. It looks cute, cute premise, modern day take on Who’s the Boss, I have seen a few episodes here and there. Well a line was said on there that struck a chord with me, the little boy said to Joey, what did you do before Twitter, Facebook and MySpace? Joey replied we didn’t feel the need to tell the world every mundane thought in our head.
Wow, Joey was right; we never felt the need to put out there every single thought in our head back in the day. Pre-internet access, I take that back some of us felt the need; however we did not have the format.
We all know that I get a lot of my topics for rants from inane things said on Facebook; I have to tell you if I chose all my topics from FB, well I would never have time to write about myself. Having said that, I have a topic from FB to discuss today.
A young mother who has been going through a rough time in the romance department finally said she is going to focus on her children instead of her love life. Halleluiah, seriously, I know she is young so I can cut a little slack there, but to just come to that conclusion? Here is the thing, if you are a single parent, especially a single mother, stop, take a moment and ask yourself if your actions benefit your children in any way. If you are dating man after man and bringing them home, stop it, immediately. My best advice for single parents everywhere is to plug into a church with a singles group, not for dating purposes, but for the purpose of building a support system. The important thing is not to focus on your love life, but to focus on your responsibilities. Getting into a good singles group in a church will put you with hopefully likeminded people. You will find a group to have fun outings that include the children and sometimes outings that do not include children. You will find parents willing to trade babysitting duties, you will find other moms and dads that are going through what you are, you will be able to vent to someone who truly understands. Someone when they say it will get better; you know it will because that person has been in your situation. Then if you are like some of my friends you might even meet your love match. Just please don’t go into it with that intention, that turns into a disaster.
So I tip my hat, lift my glass and pour some out for my homies for the single mom on Facebook who made the conscious decision to put her children first and herself after that. I lift up prayers for your continued courage and strength.

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