Rain, rain, stay awhile.

Well, Career Conference has come and gone, it was a bittersweet experience. We found that a lot of people did not know that Sandi has passed away, since she had been in Mary Kay for over 20 years there were a lot of people asking where she was. Wanda is our official spokeswoman so she is the one that had to tell them over and over. That was the bitter part; the sweet part was bonding with Wanda and Louise. We had the best time, talking, learning and just being together. Realizing that you have so much in common with women that you have known for years is just priceless. We had a great learning experience from Mary Kay, we were able to tell Sandi stories and not feel no one wanted to really hear them, we all had such a different relationship with her, we also talked about everything under the sun. So much fun, I cannot stress that enough. I cannot wait for our luncheon this coming Sunday!
Today the weather is very much a Dark Shadows kind of day, it is amazing, it makes me want to stay home and read. I have a new book that I have not been able to lose myself in due to outside forces, however, I foresee myself reading away on Saturday. And sleeping, till at least 7:00 A.M., so excited about that! I find myself in desperate need of Starbucks today, however, with the rain and lightening, it is doubtful I will leave the building until it is time to go home. As I sit here I can hear the rain hitting the window, I love that sound. For some reason it comforts me, calms me and gives me hope. Growing up in a farm oriented family you learn a lot about rain and how it renews the earth and enables the plants to grow and provide food for not only us but the animals. Rain is cleansing, purifying, quenching, life affirming and simply amazing. I hope everyone enjoys the rain as much as I do. I also hope everyone is careful out there, the roads are slick and, as with ice, people cannot drive on it.

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