Mary Kay News

I have amazing news, I learned from Wanda that Mary Kay Corporate heard about our group, our efforts to keep our group together after the loss of our leader and were moved by our story. They contacted Wanda and asked if they could send a speaker to our next luncheon. Of course she said yes. So, this Sunday we will not only be lunching we will be hearing from a guest speaker from Mary Kay Corporate. I cannot help but think that Sandi is looking down at us and is pleased with our efforts to keep things going.
This has been a crazy week, a very busy, action packed week. On Wednesday our local CWA 6215 marched on the steps of the state capitol of Texas in Austin. We were not the only ones there, many unions were represented. We do not have a firm head count as of yet, but we do know there were over two thousand people there. It was amazing to be part of something larger than myself, to fight for our right to bargain, for better education for our children, better care for our disabled and elderly, I hope that Rick Perry takes not. I hope they all take note, we are a voice that will not be denied, we will be heard, we do have voting rights and we are not afraid to use them.
My anger is still in full force, however, I have decided to give it a rest for now, I am sure in the very near future someone will post something on facebook that will set me off again. But for now my soapbox and high horse are back in the closet, the hall closet, easily accessible.
Happy Friday everyone, it is going to be a great day, filled with great Texas weather and good friends, amazing conversations and well just the fact it is Friday makes it pretty cool.

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