Sing a Song

There is one thing I love doing more than anything else, I have done it all of my life, I do it in the car, in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, EVERYWHERE. However, I do not do it in front of people. It is singing, I love to sing, in a loud booming voice. God did not bless me with a singing voice, as a matter of fact I sound like a frog, in heat. I am not really sure what that sounds like, but I am sure it is very close to the sound that comes out of my mouth.
I used to sing to my children, until they got to the age where they begged me not to; I used to sing to Tessa until Alex walked in the living room Friday night and said you sound like crap, stop singing. In a not so nice tone. I have to admit, it hurt my feelings. Even though I know I do not possess that talent to be told so brutally that I am horrible is just, well, hurtful.
I have vowed to never ever sing in front of anyone ever again, and I mean to keep that vow. I seriously don’t understand how I have such a bad singing voice; I mean my speaking voice is nothing short of amazing. I have customers all the time telling me they love my voice, they say I have an accent, however, I don’t hear that. But for me to have such a great speaking voice and a horrible singing voice, well it is a cruel joke. Add that to the fact I love singing, I love music, and well it is just beyond cruel.
The Irishman and Alex are sick, they have the flu, I do not have the flu but my throat hurts, hopefully it is just drainage from allergies. I do have to say, and I hope it does not jinx me, I never get the flu. Perhaps I should call the dr and get a flu shot, just to be on the safe side.

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