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I want to expound on yesterdays ranting, I fully believe that women are equal to men and that God created them that way. The bible clearly states that woman was created from Adam’s rib, not his heel, not his head. His rib. Side by side, that is the way it is supposed to be. Is it too much to ask that women be treated with respect and equality in a religious setting? When did it become acceptable to treat women as second class citizens? We are the ones that carry life, the ones that nurture it, the ones that teach, the ones that are, let’s face it the backbone of the church. I don’t see men volunteering a whole heck of a lot, at least not in a Baptist setting, well, Southern Baptist. I grew up in a Freewill Baptist church; I don’t remember an instant where women were treated as second class citizens.
I remember several years back reading an article on the Southern Baptist convention, there was a lecture for the women. One guess on what it was on, anyone? No? Coupon clipping, yes, that was the most important subject for Southern Baptist women to learn.
I want to find a church where women are respected, are viewed as being equal to men. Everyone realizes that God does not differentiate between the sexes, right? That when he looks at us he sees our soul, sees our heart, not our gender, everyone realizes that right? I fully believe some people are in for a shock when they die and stand in front of their maker.
I want to find a new church home; however, I believe that Southern Baptist is not a good fit for me, as I believe I am equal with men. That God can use me to do his works just as well as he can use a man. If anyone knows of a church where this is put into practice please let me know! I am incredibly Baptist in my beliefs, well Freewill Baptist, well, Oklahoma Freewill Baptist. I have found they are different down here.
All suggestions welcome!

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  1. Jen goes to a GREAT church called The Village. They have 3 campuses. One in Dallas, Lewisville and I think Denton.

  2. in europe women are served last. when dad went to italy all the guys got their drinks and orders first, then the women.

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