I am tired of pretending I’m not special

Happy Happy Friday! Has everyone been watching the debacle that is Charlie Sheen? I am not going to rehash the craziness here; there is just one thing that he said that really struck a chord with me. “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special.” It really made me think, I’m special, I don’t pretend I am not special, however society tells us to downplay our specialness. I believe we all have attributes that make us unique, special. I believe we should celebrate those differences that make us special.
I will get the ball rolling, here are the things I believe are special about me, I have an unique sense of humor, I can read over 1000 words a minute and type 95 words a minute, I have the ability to see a situation from all sides, I am willing to put up with a little pain for fashions sake. These are just a few things that make me special. Please feel free to tell me what makes you special.
I have begun the dieting process, I don’t know how well I will do on Sunday, I am going to a baby shower and there will be cake! It is hard to resist cake, however, I shall try, I’ll let you know if I succeed or succumb.
I am extremely tired today; I am looking forward to sleeping tonight, how crazy is that. A Friday night and all I want to do is go home and crawl into bed. On the upside my new comforter should be in today! I cannot wait to tear into that and make my bed! I have been looking for a new comforter for a long time and finally found the one I am in love with and I got it! It was available only online not in the store, so I have ordered it and it should be here today, so I am very excited.

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  1. There was one at overstock.com that I liked and you would have liked and they are super cheap! Comforters that is…

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