My Thoughts on our Nation’s Birthday

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, our nation’s official birthday. When I think of that day so many thoughts rush into my head, my first thoughts are of my childhood, specifically the bi-centennial, now that was a great 4th of July. Next are the thoughts of the years spent in Owasso, in the country with everyone at my parent’s house, amazing times.
But the prevailing thoughts are of my ancestors, specifically the one who originally came to the colonies to fight for the British. Yes, the British, he was a Hessian soldier for hire, that’s right, my ancestor, Thomas, was a soldier for hire. He was captured at Ticonderoga; while he was imprisoned he came to believe in what the American soldiers were fighting for. He switched sides and no, it wasn’t for money this time, it was loyalty and belief. I know that part of the story is true due to the Contental Congress had no money to pay their soldiers; those men were fighting for pure love of the country they wanted to govern themselves. See when you fight for a belief, for love of God and Country you always prevail. Which they did, after the war there was no money to pay the soldiers so they were given land instead; Thomas was given a valley in Virginia where he married and had three sons. One grew up and went to explore upper state New York, the other one, the oldest, stayed, the youngest went West. He wanted to explore this great land. He ended up in what is now Missouri. It is from him that my branch of the family comes.
I come from people who were Boomer Sooners, they came to Indian Territory (for those of you unfamiliar, that is now Oklahoma) in a covered wagon, a member of my family has fought for this country in every single war we have had, up to and including the current conflict. We have real cowboys in our lineage, who rode the range from Dodge City to Abilene; our ancestry also includes brave souls who came to Oklahoma via the Trail of Tears.
My children have so much to be proud of, the way their family helped shaped this country, were a part of the making of it. On their dad’s side, his grandparents came through Ellis Island, their great-grandfather was a Union Organizer in Chicago, their other great-grandfather lost a leg in service to this country in World War II. He was a great man, remained in service to this country, even after retirement, taking soldiers that could not drive to the VA Hospital. A great man, an amazing American.
I hope on the 4th of July that we all think back to the amazing men and women who shaped this country, who made it what it is, and we understand what we have to do as individuals and as a whole to get this country back on the right path, to once again realize not only our individual freedoms but our freedoms as a country.

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  1. I don’t usually respond to articles but I’ sure will in this case. Truly a big thumbs up for this

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