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I was reading a question posted on regarding Joss Whedon’s internet baby, Dr Horrible’s sing along blog. The person who wrote the question obviously had never seen Mr. Whedon’s work. She was questioning the twist ending, don’t worry I am not going  to spoil it for all of my friends who love his work as much as I. You can see the webisode on itunes now. I, of course, watched it last weekend before the episodes went to itunes. my review in one word…. BRILLIANT. Typical Whedon. Joss is just so freakin brilliant. Ok, so by now you have guessed I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and the movie Serenity. I cannot wait for the Dollhouse this fall. I have missed his presence on television. I hope to see some other Buffy Alumni’s in this new venture. The star is Eliza Dushku, Faith from Buffy and Angel. The premise if very promising, I cannot wait to see what he does with it.


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  1. And I cannot wait until I get off my duff and download the entire thing. iTunes is good now… Will probably grab it tonight or tomorrow.

    Whedon is… well, he’s not Lucas. But he’s easily J Michael Stracizinski.

  2. Well since you are slacking today and had the emergency yesterday and had to rush home, I am thinking, plenty of time for Joss….
    Before WoW

  3. Yeah… so I did have plenty of home time. And watched it. And loved it!

    Excellent singing and orchestrations. Fun story, and turned chiche’s on their head. Every character was complex, even if they seemed one-sided almost all the time.

    Very nice to see what excellent talent can do when “unfettered by the studio system!”

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