Het Up

There are a couple of things that I need to get off my chest as it were.
The very first thing is the giftgate as I call it, before I get started, this is not political, as most people are making it.
Melania Trump brought Michelle Obama a gift on inauguration day. Not just any gift, a Tiffany gift.
Anyway, she brought a gift, a very kind gesture from where I sit, and Mrs. Obama accepted the gift, now this is where a lot of people start in. On both sides.
When I saw the video of the exchange, I thought it was very sweet, the new First Lady bringing a gift to the exiting First Lady.
When Mrs. Obama accepted the gift, she then turned, and to me, it looked as if she were looking for an aide to take the gift. There was no one there, I saw a look of confusion, her husband then stepped in and took the gift and gave it to an aide.
The only one at fault here, in my opinion, is the aide, the aide should have come forward and asked would you like me to put the gift up until you are ready for it. Instead they left Mrs. Obama there to look around for help.
From what I am reading on the internet people on the right are saying Mrs. Obama was ungrateful and had a sour look on her face. I am going to defend that here, when I am looking for something or someone or trying to solve a problem I have that same look on my face. I have had people ask me why I’m angry. I am always taken aback, I’m not angry, I’m trying to find whatever or whoever it is.
People on the Left are saying Mrs. Trump should not have brought a gift. I find that incredibly inane. I thought it was thoughtful and kind. I hope it is a tradition that is picked up by future First Ladies. Bringing a gift to the exiting woman. You are essentially moving into what has been her home for the past 4 to 8 years.
If women are supposed to be for other women, then we should not be tearing these two down.
Next up, Planned Parenthood, can we just defund this now? I am tired of people saying that this institution is all about the health of poor women. If it is all about poor women, how are they making a profit? And since they are making a profit, they don’t need our money! They are making a profit, any entity that can afford to make political contribution of $1,073,464.00 doesn’t need federal funding.
So now we will no long be funding foreign abortions and that makes me happy. My tax dollars should not pay for abortions on foreign soil.
Those are the two things I’m het up about today.
Any comments, complaints or anything else can be sent to angie@angieworld.com

Take a Stand

Every news outlet tells us how divided our country is, divided by politics, gender, ethnicity and right to life. When I look at the news or Facebook, I start thinking they are right. If we are to believe everything we see on television and on line the United States of America is on the brink of another civil war.,
I have to say my personal experience is quite different. My neighborhood is very diverse. Black, white, Asian, Latino; I’ve seen no rioting in the streets.
My friendships include people from all walks of life, different political views, different religious beliefs and different levels of pigmentation. No rioting so far.
I work in a place that is all inclusive. Different religions, different ethnicities, different sexual orientations, different political views and different nationalities. No rioting in the cubicles.
If we are to believe every single thing the “news: (I use that word loosely) tells us, I should have not only seen but been in several bouts of fisticuffs by now.
I got nothing. Not even harsh words. You see, here’s the thing, and yes, there is always a thing; normal, everyday people with a modicum of common sense, well, we don’t behave that way.
We are civilized, we work around our differences, we have actual dialogues and show respect for one another. We can agree to disagree and go on with our daily tasks.
Now, on the internet, that is a whole different animal. People come out of their basement dwelling abodes to constantly show off their complete ignorance.
Case in point, there was a post on Facebook about our (yes our) new President.
I stated I would be praying for his success. I was vilified for this, I was called a gun totting bible thumper. I’ll take it. I don’t actually have a gun, but if I did, I can see me totting it. Also, I am a proud follower of Jesus Christ. You can call me bible thumper, Jesus freak or anything else you want. I’ll simply say thank you and move on.
However, this was my answer, I pray for every president, whether I voted for them or not. I prayed for President Obama, I prayed for President Bush, I prayed for President Clinton, I prayed for President Bush sr, I prayed for President Reagan and before him President Carter. Before that I was more interested in getting to my favorite swing before anyone else at recess.
Hoping that the President of the United States fails is like praying the bus you’re on crashes and burns with you in it.
It is up to us, the people of the United States of America to do the right thing. Always.
Take a stand, make a mark, stand United as one. We the people will overcome any and all obstacles as long as we remain United.
Consider yourself a musketeer.
Having said all of this I am more than willing to give President Trump a chance, he is already proving he has the people in his heart before even taking office. Working with corporations to not only keep jobs here in America, but to bring them back to U.S. soil.
As for you women donning vagina hats, you do not represent me. I have actual dignity, maybe not grace all of the time, but definitely dignity and you do not represent me. Take off your vagina hat and do something useful. Volunteer in a neighborhood that could use your passion, help feed people. Help clothe people and help children find a way out of poverty. Surely you want to show the world you are more than a vagina head.

The Travels of Foy and Odela

This is the day my family waits for, Friday the 13th in January. It’s the best day. My parents were married this day and yes, it was a Friday. They were married for 59 years before my dad passed away. We consider this day a good luck day. We don’t believe in luck, except for this day, Friday the 13th in January.
I know I typically tell the story of how they met and eventually fell in love, however, today I am going to tell a different story, the one of how they journeyed to California during the depression.
Foy and Odela realized that in order for them to make enough money for their family to thrive they needed to leave Oklahoma.
So, they packed up their Model T Ford and started the journey to California. Foy had already been there and knew that there were so many more opportunities than where they were at. Odela trusted his judgement more than anyone else on earth.
They packed up not only themselves but a four-year-old and a baby. Off they went, they worked their way across the country, picking cotton, picking fruit, vegetables, whatever work they could find.
When they made it to New Mexico their car decided it had been worked too hard and died. On the road, in the middle of nowhere with darkness coming on quickly.
A family drove up that spoke very little English, however through gestures and some words Foy was able to let them know what the problem was. The father of the other family was able to convey Foy, Odela and their children should get in their car and come home with them.
So off they went, trusting that these were good people. They were, they were also very literally dirt poor, the house had a dirt floor, but the family happily shared their food and made a pallet for Foy and Odela and their children.
The next morning the family once again shared their food with the travelers. The father took Foy to fix the car and Odela helped the mother clean up after breakfast.
Foy was able to fix the car and they continued on to California.
Odela would later say it was the first time she had ever encountered people who were not like her. She would say it was one of the best experiences of her life and she felt God had purposely allowed their car to break down so she could meet that family.
Foy and Odela started life out as poor as the proverbial church mouse, but they worked hard, never complained about the work and not only made it to California, their family flourished. They eventually made their way back to Oklahoma where they spent the rest of their days.


Today I had to say goodbye to someone I was not ready to say goodbye to. My dear friend Sandi’s mother passed away on New Years day. Today we all gathered to say not goodbye, but see you later. I have no doubt I will see Al again someday.
I was completely floored when I was asked to say a few words at her memorial service. I cannot fully express what a true honor it was.
Her daughter Sandi was not only my friend, she was my mentor, my confidant, my sister in Christ, saying see you later to her was so hard, having her mother gone now brings it all back to the forefront. I will miss both of those ladies like crazy now. The world is just a little bit dimmer without Al in it. So here is my farewell to her:
There are many words that come to mind when speaking about Almetta McQuarters.
Kind, generous, welcoming, a great dancer, anyone who has been to a Mary Kay function with Al can tell you that she was the first one on the dance floor when the music started. Fashion icon, loving, joyous and, I save the best for last, a woman of God.
To be in Al’s presence meant you felt welcomed, it is a rare trait, to be able to make anyone in your presence feel like they belonged. She made it look easy, she always had a word for anyone that she came into contact with. It truly was an amazing thing to watch.
It is no mystery why, year after year, she won the highest honor there is in Mary Kay. Miss Go-Give, it simply means that she was always quick to jump in and do whatever was needed. Greeting guests, making them feel welcome, helping set up and helping clean up afterwards.
I have a story that I would like to share, to me it optimizes exactly who Al was.
After Sandi passed, some of us formed a group we called the ladies that lunch. Once a month we gather, either at a restaurant or someone’s home.
Roughly 6 to 7 months after Sandi passed away Al said she would like to host the gathering in her home.
So, on the designated day we all gathered in Almetta’s home, there was good food, great fellowship. We told stories about Sandi, we laughed, we cried and just had a good time.
Al said she had chosen some mementos of Sandi she had gathered and she wanted to share them with us.
We could each choose one. She took us into her guest room where she had lovingly laid out the things she wanted us to choose from.
This was not done in a haphazard way; you could feel how much thought had gone into the activity of choosing what she wanted to share.
As we went in, she began to guide us towards what she thought we would love the best.
She was right, what she had guided me towards was a perfect token of Sandi’s memory for me. It was a book of poetry that she would read when she came to visit with Al.
Al told me they would sit on the patio and Sandi would read to her.
She put such time and attention into taking care of each of us. In her grief, she found strength in helping others get through theirs.
That she could do this says what kind of person she was, she was strong.
She is everything Proverbs 39 talks about.
She was a woman of noble character whose worth was above rubies and we are all better for having had the privilege of knowing her.

Disney Woes

Something has been bothering me for a while now, it is a disturbance in the Force.
So, an open letter to Disney I am writing, on behalf of little girls everywhere. But mostly Tessa.

Dear Disney,

I have a nine-year-old granddaughter that loves you, she not only loves you, she loves Star Wars. She not only loves Star Wars, she loves Darth Vader, Chewbacca and anything that has to do with a lightsaber.
Last year, when I went on a search for an outfit for her annual Christmas pictures, I lucked out, I found the most amazing outfit ever. At Kohl’s of all places, I will include her Christmas picture from last year at the end of this blog so you can see how amazing it was.
This year I was on a quest to purchase her an outfit or pajamas with her beloved Darth Vader.
Do you think I found any girl outfits with him on it? You know the answer; it is no. I ended up buying her boys pajamas with storm troopers on it talking about the Dark Side.
I did a search online for any and all girl Star Wars clothing. The majority is pink, purple and has no bad guys on them. None. No Darth Vader, no Darth Maul, not even Anakin Skywalker, before the Dark Side took over. I didn’t even find a Princess Leia outfit, now there are costumes, but no shirts, pajamas or dresses.
I did find a couple of dresses online, but nothing like last years. This year’s offerings were paltry in comparison.
I am begging you to understand that little girls everywhere love Star Wars and love all characters, no just ones deemed appropriate for girls.
They also love the Marvel Universe, they love Thor, Ironman, Hulk and Black Widow. With Black Panther and Captain Marvel on the horizon, I am begging you to step up your girl game.
Please understand that girls are as equally nerdy and geeky as boys, they enjoy wearing their favorite characters and would love to have clothes made to fit them.
I know what you are thinking, buy a boy’s shirt, well, they are boxy and cut short. They are really strange fitting, so if you could make girl shirts and pajamas and gowns and dresses it would be awesome.
I know I would appreciate it, she would appreciate it, as would many other little girls worldwide.
You have an opportunity to make an impact here Disney, you do the spunky princess so well. You know little girls; you know sass and heart and having the courage of your convictions. You know smart women characters, Belle comes to mind right away, Tiana is another. They were the rescuers in their worlds.
Princess Leia was a perfect fit to your world, no one in any galaxy, compares to her. She taught us so much when I was young, and she continues to teach generations even now.
Pick up a blaster and save yourself and your so-called rescuers, there was, is and never will be another one of her.
Please keep her legacy alive and give our girls a clothing line worthy of our beloved Princess.


Shock and Awe

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they look in the mirror and think what the heck happened to me. Today is that day folks. 

I was putting on my makeup and noticed all of the wrinkles and dry skin and well oldness. 

Quite honestly it’s jarring. I never thought it would happen to me. I really thought I’d be pretty my entire life. But when I looked in the mirror this morning I realized that’s not the case. 

It explains a lot.  I don’t know when it happened! When did the lines and wrinkles take over? And don’t get me started on the hair! My beautiful hair is not staying the color it should. Sure, I’ve always colored my hair, since I was 16. 

About 10 years ago I went back to my natural color. I couldn’t remember what that was so I had to let the roots grow out and tell my hairdresser to match the roots. There was no grey, but today, today it is over taking me. I’m simply not ready to be old. 

Ok, that’s not true, age I can handle, losing my looks, that’s entirely different. I’ve skated by on those! No one ever noticed I was actually smart. What do I do now? I’ll have to go in hiding, incognito as it were. 

I’ll change my name from Angie to Bea (I always imagine a Bea as old) I’ll buy some support hose and nurses shoes. Shapeless dresses. OMG! I never thought about the clothes! Do I have to stop wearing jeans??? Is that a thing? All of my clothes are form fitting, do I have to give that up? Is there a list of rules for when this happens? 

I have a very specific Angie style, boots, jeans, heels, form fitting clothes, jeans, cute tops. What happens to all of that? Do I have to wear house dresses? Pants with elastic waists??? 

This is seriously the worst dilemma I have had in a while. I’m working out so I won’t be shapeless. Do I have to dress shapeless? 

I have so many questions, this very literally snuck up on me. 

New Year New Actions

It’s that time of year again, you know, the time where people start making unrealistic “resolutions”. Where did this come from? The new year brings a new life; I have found that life goes on as it always did. There is no fresh start there are only paths and you have to choose the ones you want to travel.
I have never given up anything or made any resolutions, my only resolution is to not be a sheep. Or a lemming, either one of those things in this world is bad.
I think for myself, I do my research, I pray to God for wisdom and strength every single day of my life. I always, always try and do the right thing.
The right thing for a lot of people involves self, self-interest, do whatever makes you feel good. That is the biggest load of hogwash known to man.
I have said it before, if I did what makes me feel good, I would be 8 million pounds. Because what makes me feel good is puffy Cheetos, chocolate, sour skittles, diet coke, Starbucks and dressing. Oh, and watching television, if I didn’t need to sleep I could watch television 24×7. I have loved television since I was little, I seriously cannot remember a time without it. I have a bigger love of books, but television is right up there.
Do what makes you feel good, seriously, who buys into that? The world, that’s who, the world is going to tell you that you are the only one that matters in your world.
But here it is folks, there are more important things than your own selfish wants, I count myself in this as well.
I have a huge love of shoes, fashion, makeup and candy, it would be easy for me to do what makes me feel good. It is human nature, but we are not supposed to aspire to human nature, we are to aspire to Jesus nature. I am speaking as if anyone who reads this is a Christian, so if you’re not, then you cannot be offended. It’s Angie World for a reason.
Jesus commands us to take care of each other, this is not a political thing, it is not up to the government to take care of us. We are supposed to be looking out for each other.
My dad told me that when he was a boy, about once a month his dad would load their wagon up with bags of food from their farm.
They would then go to certain homes and simply leave the bags on the front porches. There was no knock, no interactions, just the act of leaving the food and getting out of Dodge.
My dad said this went on for a while and finally he asked his dad why they were doing this. His dad’s simple answer was that neighbors take care of each other. Their farm was doing well, some others weren’t’ and he wasn’t about to see folks starve.
It was the depression and in Oklahoma, it was real, people were starving. But not in their world, my great-grandfather saw to it. As long as there was enough for his family he would take the excess and make sure others could feed their children.
That is who I am descended from, that is what we do, we see a need and we fill it. This is the way the world is supposed to work according to Jesus. Feed the body then feed the soul.
Before today’s world, neighborhoods were different, there were no garages in the back, everyone was in the front. We all knew each other and we especially knew when a family was in trouble.
We are too insulated today, all of us, I am not absolving myself from this scenario. I don’t know my neighbors, I kinda know the ones behind me, but the ones next to me moved and the other side they are never home. And well that’s about it. I am very non-social as well, I am an introverted extrovert. An anomaly as it were.
So here is what I believe we should all do in the new year, ditch the resolutions, just walk out your front door and meet your neighbors.
Take care of each other, take the government out of it, we should be helping one another.

Revenge Body

About a week ago I began seeing a commercial about getting a revenge body. At first I thought it was a joke commercial, like Saturday Night Live used to do. Anyone remember doggy downers and puppy uppers?
Realization dawned on me when I saw it several more times, it wasn’t a joke, it’s an advertisement for a new television show. A new Kardashian show, as if there aren’t enough of them already.
I paid attention, what is this I wondered, well, turns out the premise is Khloe will work with people to help them achieve their revenge goals of getting a good body.
Hmmm, is that revenge? I mean I know what revenge is, Lorena Bobbitt did revenge very well, not that I’m advocating that. Maybe.
I have even done a few little revenge actions of my own, and they felt good. Nothing as drastic as the Bobbitt, but still, satisfying in their own way.
Never once have I exercised my way to revenge. I am here to tell you, that person you want revenge on for calling you fat, they don’t care. They will still look at you and see fat, if a person calls you that, puts you down for that, they will not magically like you once the fat comes off. I know, because I have been the fat girl, the person (people) who called me fat, which I was, and made fun of me, did not like me after the weight was gone. I didn’t lose it for them to begin with so it didn’t matter.
Here’s the thing, and there is always a thing, if you are fat, obese, fluffy, curvy, or whatever you want to call it, and you want to lose weight, do it for yourself. Do it for your children, do it for your grandchildren.
Do it because you want to be healthy, to live to see your children achieve their goals, you want to live to see your grandchildren grow up to have children of their own.
I have battled weight my entire life, I have never made a secret of that fact, I was born fat, 9lbs, 10oz. Fat. I stayed chunky my entire life.
In high school, I lost the weight, due to a great diet of celery. Yes, celery. I lived on it for about three months, drove my mother nuts.
You see I chose celery because you burn more calories chewing it than it has in it. I was obsessed with sit-ups; parental units did not know that. If they had I’m pretty sure there would have been an intervention somewhere in there.
Right now I am working out, at a place I really love (please don’t tell them that) I love the place, the owners, the trainers (once again, sssshhhh) the other people, the ones I workout with, well, those you can tell.
My beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Anne and youngest son, Thomas Alexander, have enabled me to go to this place. I feel stronger when I work out there, I feel better eliminating certain things from my diet. It’s not easy, I have a thing about sugar, it has been my friend my entire life.
I don’t work out to get revenge on anyone, if I did it would be a short-lived effort. I do this for me, number one, number two is for my amazingly awesome children, I really want to live long enough where they have to take care of me in my dotage. C is for Tessa, I want to see what she becomes, The Force is strong in this one and she is truly one of the most fascinating people I have ever known. That she is one of us is a pure old fashioned bonus.
I want to see her children; I want to see other grandchildren when they come along.
Working out and getting fit and getting a “good” body is not for revenge; it is for living.
I am going to do something I have never done before, at the end of this post I am going to post my before and after picture, the after is still a work in progress, but it will show you what can be done if you work hard.
Revenge will only get you so far before it withers away, you lose the desire to get revenge on a person you are done with. If there is someone you want revenge on, move on, it’s really not worth it in the long run. Unless you are a Bobbitt.

Before and After
Before and After

Ghost of Christmas Past

When I talk about my childhood I leave six years out of the loop. It is incredibly rare for me to address those years, to think about them even.
There is a good chunk of the time I am able to completely forget they happened.
But today, oh today, I made the mistake of looking at Officer Norman’s Instagram account. They had their Season of Giving event. It is where the police department, businesses and people from the community come together to give to people who don’t have a lot. Materialistically speaking.
I fully admit it took me a while to stop crying, from the touching videos of excited children, grateful parents and people who were handing out presents, watching them receive their blessings in the form of humility.
It is humbling to witness that type of poverty up close, the majority of us are so insulated from that severity of poverty.
Part of me wishes I could say I’ve never experienced it, but that would be a lie. From the time I was 5 until I was 12 I lived in a neighborhood very much like the one in North Little Rock.
I lived in Oklahoma City, in one of the poorest areas of the city, I went to Wheeler Elementary School. I have incredibly fond memories of my teachers and the principle of the school.
The memory that sticks with me the most, that impacted my life the most was the Christmas I was in the 2nd grade.
It sticks out because we had a Christmas program and the firemen came. They had their trucks, they pulled their ladders out and they even had one of the trucks that had the basket on it. That is what Santa came to our school in. It was so exciting and amazing, they brought presents for all of us in the school and Santa gave each one of us a candy cane.
It sticks out so much because that year, the only Christmas present I got was the one the firemen brought to our school.
When I watched the videos of the excited children and grateful parents that Christmas came rushing back.
It has impacted the way I have treated Christmas for my children all of their lives. I want them to have amazing Christmases with presents galore, even at this stage of their lives.
I want them to feel that they matter, that someone loves them, that they are the most important person to someone.
I am incredibly blessed that I was adopted by my parents and taken to Owasso later on. But I’ll always remember that Christmas, the one that if it hadn’t been for people in the community I would have had nothing. I now realize, as an adult, that there were many children in that community that were like me. That was their only Christmas present.
I know what some are thinking, presents don’t make Christmas, but when you are a child it does. When you are a child that has to go without a lot of things year round, Christmas matters. A simple gift matters.
What brought it all rushing back was a specific video that Officer Norman posted. A twelve-year-old girl, Tashanti, teared up, telling Officer Norman that it was like someone cared what happens to her, to others in her neighborhood.
I am going to post it, for those of you who have never had to live in that type of poverty, this might give you some idea of what that toy you donate might do for them.
When a child feels like someone in the world cares about what happens to them it makes a world of difference in their world. It gives them hope and also gives them the strength to face the rest of the year. The rest of the year where they go without certain things their parents can’t afford.
God Bless everyone that gives to things like this, God Bless those that receive those blessings.
Here is the video that moved me so much:

The video of Tashanti is the last one in the article.

Commonalities with Dean Cain

I’m a little bit late with this, but as they say, better late than never. It seems in July of this year, 2016 to be exact, Dean Cain did a 25 things you don’t know about me interview with US Magazine.
So, just for fun, I thought we might go through the list and see what he and I have in common, buckle up, it’s going to be fun:

  1. I am adopted.
    Me: OMG! I am adopted as well! So much in common already!
  2. I’ve never met my biological father.
    Me: hmmm I met mine once. Was not pleasant, you had the better experience there.
  3. I am a quarter Japanese.
    Me: I’m part Viking! See, so much in common! They are both warrior types.
  4. I’m a middle child.
    Me: I am the youngest, so not so much there. Moving on.
  5. I grew up in Malibu with Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Rob Lowe, Chad Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen and Holly Robinson Peete, among others.
    Me: I’m from Owasso! It’s practically the Malibu of Oklahoma!

  6. I used to be a decent surfer. (Sean Penn was a great surfer.)
    Me: I’m an ex-skater, wow, this is just uncanny. I don’t know how we haven’t met.

  7. I graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in history.
    Me: I love history, however was Journalism was what I was majoring in, life got in the way. I would have minored in history. So there’s that.
  8. I was an All-American football player at Princeton.
    Me: next
  9. I still hold two NCAA records: My career interceptions per game average was 0.73, and I had an average of 1.2 interceptions per game in a single season.
    Me: next again
  10. I love dogs. Cats, not so much.
    I have dogs! That I love, I also have a cat, but he could be a really fluffy dog if you squint.
  11. I briefly played professional football for the Buffalo Bills.
    Me: man, this harder than I thought.
  12. I’ve had six different surgeries, which explains the “briefly” in my last answer.
    Me: I’ve had surgeries! Back to being alike. Whew!
  13. I cook every day.
    Me: OMG I eat every day!
  14. I’m a writer and have written dozens of scripts. (Three set to go in 2016!)
    Me: wow, this is amazing even me, I write on the internet all the time. No one reads me, but I still write. Actually, I’ve been writing all my life. I love words, you can do so much with them, encourage, love, inform, decimate, incriminate and so much more.
  15. I’m a homebody.
    Me: I’m at home now!
  16. I have a 15-year-old son named Christopher, after my adoptive father.
    Me: my children are grown, but I did name my youngest son after my ancestor that came to America in 1774 and fought with the Continental Army.
  17. My son is my favorite human. I’m 6 feet, and he’s taller than me.
    Me: my children are my favorite humans! And 2 are taller than me. (sorry Elizabeth Anne)
  18. I love being a dad.
    Me: I LOVE being a mom!
  19. I am fascinated with military history.
    Me: no exaggeration here, I am completely fascinated with history, specifically American History. There has been a member of my family serving in the military since 1774. You name the branch and one of us has been in it, I am completely fascinated by the inherited patriotism we all have.
  20. I’m an avid video game player, especially World of Warcraft and Call of Duty.
    Me: hmmm does Tetris count?
  21. I love watching football. Any football. Anytime.
    Me: next
  22. I cannot stand tailgaters while driving. Seriously, where are you going?
    Me: wow, seriously, I do believe we are soulmates, and I don’t believe in soulmates!
  23. I speak decent Spanish.
    Me: does Klingon count as a language? Oh! I speak California Valley Girl, Oklahoman, Southern and Texan.
  24. I’m a sucker for a genuine smile — and kindness and happiness.
    Me: I love to smile!
  25. I’m still looking for my future wife.
    Me: I don’t know how to respond to this as someone might not be too happy with me.

Well there you have it folks, Dean Cain and I have so much in common! I don’t even know how on earth we have never met.
As always, if there is a question or comment you don’t want published, my email address is angie@angieworld.com