Yesterday I was talking to Alex, I reminded him the Vice-Presidential debate was on later and he said he wasn’t going to watch it, however he is going to vote. His mind is already made up and he doesn’t need to watch anything. He then said, “Mom, does it really make a difference in the country who is president?” I sat there for a moment, gathering my wits, and said yes son it does.
I then told him of the days when Jimmy Carter was in office, the country was dismal, it was as if the sun had ducked behind a cloud, for four years. Gas lines were everywhere, the economy was in the gutter, the whole country was depressed. Jimmy Carter was the worst president we had ever had, up to that point, Obama is giving him a run for that title.
I explained that when President Reagan took office it was like the sun was shining again, people had hope, people became more patriotic, there was pride in America again. Little by little the economy strengthened, the attitudes improved and our country began flourishing once more.
It makes a difference, however, I am going to say this, I don’t care what your politics are, if we disagree, we disagree. That does not make anyone less of a friend, it just means we have different views on things. I am seeing so many heated debates on Facebook, it is crazy, its politics people, is that what your friendship is based on? My friendships are not based on that, they are based on mutual respect, admiration for certain qualities people posses that I might not, it is not based on how someone votes.
I do believe everyone should vote, it is our duty, our right, it is what our forefathers fought for, it is important we honor their sacrifices for us.

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  1. Reagan gave *real* hope, not wishy washy empty words. He backed up on his true belief in the greatness of America and it’s people. He made people believe (again, not the wishy washy empty promise way) again.
    His belief that for the middle class to win didn’t mean the rich had to lose. Everyone can win if they want to.
    He done more in office with Althizmers than the current president done with a clear mind.

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