Jeans Shopping

Well it is the day after Valentines day, and well, nothing exciting to report, the Irishman was sick, like fever, chills, throwing up sick. Hard to fake that to get out of, well another day dedicated to me. I did get a present, but no chocolates, no flowers, no card, but understandable as he was sick and it started Saturday.
Tomorrow is the day for Jeffrey’s back surgery, any and all prayers are gratefully accepted. It’s his second one, I pray this one takes away the pain and he can live a normal, pain-free life.
Well, nothing exciting going on, not a lot to report, I wish I could wear the jeans that Elizabeth Anne bought me every day. I love them!
Ok, now I can tell you about the ones I tried on that were just, well, bad, bad, bad. They are called Not Your Daughters Jeans, Elizabeth told me to try them on. First off, they are not denim material, and I think they are all spandex. I put a pair on, the waist was so high, and they made my butt look HUGE, I am not exaggerating. I was like, what the heck, when did Kim Kardashian walk in the dressing room. It was shocking, I don’t know why anyone buys those jeans. Sorry, not jeans, pants, Elizabeth and I just stared at the horrible thing that had become my behind in horror. I immediately got those off and put on the ones that we would decide was the best pair out of about a thousand. So, the moral of the story is if you want to have your behind look like it has its own zip code go buy those pants. If not, run away from them!

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