Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

I wonder what would happen if I spewed every thought I had onto Facebook? Would I have any friends left? Would they call the psych ward and have them come get me? One can only wonder because it will never happen, well, I say never, however, if I get some sort of memory disease, watch out.
So in two days it is my day, my birthday, can I tell you a secret? No, it is not my age, honestly at this point I have lied about it so much I don’t even remember what it is. I love getting presents, I don’t even care what they are, I just like unwrapping them and squealing over whatever it is. Although, I am not fond of receiving stuffed animals at this stage in my life, but anything else, I love it! I am easily pleased, just shower me with attention and gewgaws (as my grandmother would say) and I am one happy camper.
I would really like cake on my birthday, I have often said the best days are the days with cake in them. I don’t think I am getting cake as I am not willing to make it for myself.
I have the day off tomorrow, I have thoughts on what I am going to do, I will let you know afterwards if I have actually done what I plan on doing. Sounds cryptic, oh I am mysterious, I have always wanted to be mysterious. Saying whatever pops into my head defeats that goal most of the time.
Well I hope everyone has a great day today!

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