The First Friday of the New Year

Well it is the first Friday of 2012, the end of the first week of the new year, I was hoping that it was going to feel differently. The day has just begun, so I will give it time to feel different. Perhaps something magical will happen, a miracle, world peace even, wait, no, too much. I will dial it back a bit, maybe I will get a compliment today, maybe I will have a good hair day, a good outfit day and a good makeup day, the trifecta of cuteness. That would be a good day.
I am thinking I am going to leave early and stop by Starbucks, it is Friday after all, no worries, I will stay within my point system! It is a new year, a new week and lower points. Hopefully the weight will start falling off again, I am down 30, I would love to lose 45 more. Then I will be happy. Isn’t that what women tell themselves? 10 more pounds and I will be perfect, but perfect for who? If it is for yourself, great, if you are trying for perfection to please someone, well, I am here to tell you that never works, If they are finding fault with the way you look now, losing weight is not going to help that. You need to get rid of that person, immediately, they are not good for you. I am losing weight for me, I want to look good for me, I will be honest here, I don’t do it for health benefits, I am vain, shallow, very much into how I look. I always have been, I don’t remember a time when I was not concerned with my hair, outfit, shoes or the way my face looked. It has been pure hell getting older, I like to pretend the wrinkles are not there, the cellulite, the flab and the grey hair. Yes, grey hair, it is now coming in by the strand. Horrifying I tell you, although Miss Jan used to tell me that when we were grey we could just go blonde, that way when the grey’s were coming in they wouldn’t show! So I look forward to the day I have enough grey to go blonde, until then I am going to stick with the dark brown.
I wish everyone a great Friday!

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