Happy Birthday @RealNichelle

Today is Nichelle Nichols birthday, for those of you who do not know, Nichelle Nichols was Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek. She was also a pioneer, a pioneer in the way she showed young girls at the time you could be more than a nurse, or a secretary or a housewife. Not that there is anything wrong with those occupations, however, Nichelle showed all of us we could be on the bridge of a starship, and work our way up to Captain, as her character became in the movies.
As a young girl that fell in love with Star Trek when I was influenced by her character, she was strong, yet kept her femininity, she was outspoken but not labeled a loud mouthed broad, and she was Captain Kirk’s link to Star Fleet. She was the keeper of the information highway. Plus she looked good in the uniform that also influenced me to want to always be able to look good in a Star Fleet uniform.
She has continued to be an influence, she is always classy, and she never says an unkind word about anyone that I have read. I now follow her on twitter and I can assure you she is still classy and informative and still a role model for me. She has never once put down her Star Trek roots; she welcomes fan interest and answers them on her twitter. She is always kind, considerate and an incredibly classy lady, I want to be like that as I grow older.
So happy birthday to the first lady of space travel, may you live long and prosper and continue to influence little girls everywhere to one day stand on the bridge of a starship.

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