Friday Problems

It is finally upon us, Friday, let us all do the dance of joy, I know I am. After today just one and a half days of work! Then off till the following Tuesday, I only have one more person to buy presents for, Elizabeth Anne, and stocking stuffers, yes stocking stuffers. My grown children still expect stockings, and you know what, I still have a lot of fun doing them. So, continue to do them I will.
It has been raining here all week, the rain makes me so sleepy, so last night was an early to bed night, I slept very soundly, I love a rainy night. I know I stole that from Eddy Rabbit, you don’t have to tell me.
So far on my days off I have a dental appointment and a nail appointment, although I am thinking I may change my nail appointment to this weekend as my nails are getting way long, and typing the way I do all day this is not a good thing. Maybe if my occupation was Femme Fatale they would be the perfect length maybe even a little longer, however since I am an ordinary DSL technician for a major telecommunications corporation, they are a pain.
I am thinking I need a Christmas present for myself, I am in serious need of new pajama pants, and Old Navy is having their huge sale of $7.00 a pair and that is an excellent price. So this weekend that is a stop on my list, I also have new coupons for Bed, Bath and Beyond and one for Kohl’s, so those are on my list as well. I still have to make a grocery list, I am choosing to go grocery shopping when I am off, durring the week, hopefully it will be less crowded during the week than on a Saturday or Sunday.
Shopping with Elizabeth Anne again, to get her presents, since yes, I do need her help picking out her things. She is a tiny creature, size 0 that even some 0’s are too big. Before anyone gets on their high horse and says that is too skinny, this child eats, and is incredibly active, she is a farm girl after all, she takes after her dad’s side of the family, they are not big people, well the majority of them are not.
Ok, peeps, I have to go make myself beautimus for my co-workers, as you are getting dressed today remember the rest of us have to look at you, put some effort in people! I totally got that from an old Mervyn’s commercial. See ya in the funny papers!

3 Replies to “Friday Problems”

  1. Tiny and beautiful! You should have added she does NOT look anorexic! My parents still do stockings, they are my favorite thing!!!!

  2. Yep!! Hey, I’m not 90!! Lol. I love stockings!! I’m sad bc Brandon doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. He’s just pretending for Brooklyn

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