Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Today is February 1st, you might ask why that date is significant, well let me tell you. Today, 22 years ago the most amazing daughter in the world came into the world. Yes, Elizabeth Anne was born today in 1989, in a little hamlet called Plano. It was 80 degrees when we arrived at the hospital to have her, by the time she was born that evening it was a raging ice storm. Much like the one we are having right now. I consider both to have been my birthday present that year. I consider Elizabeth an ongoing birthday present.
She was the most amazing surprise, right from the beginning, she was alert and bright and pink. I continue to be amazed by her.
Elizabeth, you are a continual surprise, a constant joy, an amazing daughter, I love you, I hope you enjoy the weather, it is God’s way of saying He loves you.

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