Welcome Friday

Friday, at last, how I have missed you, it has been seven long days since we have seen each other. You are an amazing friend, full of promise and surprises. I have no doubt this day, your day, will be no different.
Well I have been very bad this week, I have already had Starbucks twice this week, I did not wait for Friday to have it, I hang my head in shame. I can’t help it; it is a disease I tell you. I wish I had more will power these days, however I do not. Perhaps in March, that is my goal, this month is a wash, next month is my birthday month, yes I celebrate all month, so that leaves March. Next month is also Elizabeth’s birthday month. Have I ever mentioned she was my birthday present the year she was born? I got her and snow all at the same time, proof that God really loves me.
I have decided that I need to take a few days off for me, to just be, perhaps on a Tuesday, not this coming one, nor the next one, but perhaps the one after that. I could sleep in, roll out of bed, watch soap, or other things on television, play on Facebook, anything I wanted. Make it a pajama day or a shopping day!
My brain is mush right now, not able to think properly or function that well. I believe I need Starbucks today to welcome Friday the way it should be welcomed. March will be here before we know it.

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