Random Monday

Yesterday we went roller skating, what fun! I seriously love roller skating. When I put my skates on and go out on the floor it is just like time traveling, I am once again 13, flying around the rink in Owasso. We went all the time, when the U.S. beat the Russians in Hockey, that was were I was. We heard the news in the rink. That was the happening place in Owasso. We didn’t have a movie theater, a bowling alley, nothing, just the Skate Ranch.
So after much bragging that he was the best skater; the Irishman falls first thing, taking his daughter with him. Not to worry I captured the moment for posterity. It is on my facebook, you might notice he is wearing a leprechaun hat. He actually won a bet to get to wear that skating.
My new shoes came in Saturday and I picked them up at the apartment office yesterday, I am so excited! I got two new pairs of boots and 3 pairs of spring/summer shoes. I now am in need of a pedicure!
Next week is Elizabeth Anne’s birthday; it marks the beginning of our birthday month. We share the month. I have often said she was my birthday present. I am incredibly blessed to have a daughter like her.
Someone said to me the other day, we are lucky to have good kids. Lucky. Luck had nothing to do with me having good kids. It was hard work, you have to work hard to raise good kids who have morals and values and who are empathetic to the plight of others without being, well, weak. I worked hard raising my children, I love them very much, because I loved them, I disciplined them when needed; I nurtured them when needed and took them to church. I believe it is important to raise children in church, to give them that foundation of God.

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