My Journey to Owasso

There once was a magical place in Oklahoma, called Owasso. Just the name invokes so many thoughts, sometimes they are all jumbled in my head. My life has been filled with names of people and places that are to some odd, others funny sounding, to me they are magical and cannot be made up and can only be found in Oklahoma.
For example, Foy, Odela, Lela, Wilbur, Minnie Effie, Darla Barnhouse, Billy Mozingo, a family where everyone’s middle name is Joe, or Jo if you are a girl. My own maiden name, which I do not reveal here, is not completely “normal” no Smith or Jones for us.
I did not always live in Owasso, I first lived in Oklahoma City, with my amazing grandparents, Lela and Wilbur and my great Aunt Effie, great names, names that you do not hear these days. For whatever reason my blood mother was not able to care for me, or my 3 siblings, we were all farmed out, so to speak. I believe I got the luck of the draw, I got our grandparents. It was an odd way to grow up, I admit. I was raised by older people; I used words that were not in everyday use anymore. I was raised to argue points from a logical standpoint at a very early age, I was also taught the art of Southern charm and flirting. I was in the Orchestra, dance class; I was on the volleyball team and the basketball team and at one point the band. I was very much petted and spoiled and indulged by the three elderly people I lived with, by the time I was 12 I was completely rotten and a little out of control. It was then the most horrific thing happened, my beloved grandfather passed away.
He woke up one morning, worked in the garden, went to the church and worked on the roof, came home, fiddled with the car. Went into the house and had a massive heart attack. He was 86 years old. It was the one and only time I ever saw my grandmother cry. They had been married for 66 years. It was after the funeral a decision had to be made about me. My great aunt and uncle, my grandfathers brother and his wife, had wanted me when I was born. They still did, they came to my grandmother and said we really want her to come live with us. So off to the magical land of Owasso I went.

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