I find I do my best thinking in the car, more specifically, in the car on my way to work at 4:30 a.m. This morning I was thinking about the television show Undercover Boss, I know I have discussed this before here, but now I am irritated. Yes irritated, I know this is supposed to be a feel good show, however, this last episode just ticked me off. Does CBS not realize that people are onto this premise now? There are television cameras, a fake mustache, seriously, a fake mustache. The man was sweating like a pig and the thing was falling off. Do they thing that worker bees are so stupid they won’t know a fake mustache when they see it? Seriously.
The workers are playing to the camera, any fool can see it, the affectations, the way they go right into their life stories. And please, does every worker in America have a sob story? Are none of these people happy?
This one just irritated the tar out of me, one of the locations this particular boss went to a location that the company had purchased from a different company. A merger if you will. The worker he was talking to said she liked the former company better, morale was better, benefits were better and she felt more appreciated.
So when he does his reveal to this person, does he address her concerns, no, he tells her he is going to send people from HR to tell her exactly whey they are better than the former company. Seriously! No, what kind of incentives did the previous company have, why do you feel underappreciated? How can we work to change things? Nope, let us browbeat you into believing we are better, you should have seen the look on this woman’s face, she was like, um ok. Crazy nuts, oh and let us give your $5,000.00 dollars.
The most insane thing is almost all of these people are former drug addicts or convicts, when the rest of the world watches these things; they are going to believe that is all we have here. I am just, well, irritated. I refuse to watch this program again.
I, myself, am a worker bee, I am not a drug addict, nor am I a convict; I am your normal, everyday, worker bee. Why am I not represented on this show? Well let me tell you why, that would not be dramatic enough. I am way too normal, if you can imagine me normal, what a thought.
I feel better, thanks for listening.

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  1. That show is absolutely, positively ri-f**king-diculous. And anyone who knows me knows that’s not a term I just throw around for the fun of it. Hate, hate, hate.

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