Foy and Odela

Today would have been my parent’s 79th wedding anniversary; I know they are celebrating up there in heaven. On this auspicious day I would like to tell you a little bit about their life together. It all started in 1916 when my mom was 5 years old. A family moved in up the road a piece, everyone was curious about the newcomers. The next day there was a knock on my mother’s family home; there stood a 7 year old little boy asking if there were any boys in that house that could come out and play with him and his twin. Thus began a lifelong romance, friendship, old fashioned love.
My mom would tell me she fell in love instantly, her 5 year old heart was taken from that point on she belonged to no one but Foy. I don’t think he felt the same at 7, he would never say. As the years went on, Foy developed a lifelong friendship with Odela’s brothers, a friendship that would last till the day they all started going to heaven, I have no doubt it is continued there.
When Foy was 20 he decided to hop a freight train and work his way to California, it was the great depression and there was no work in Oklahoma, so off he went. Odela was devastated, however, she had never declared her love for Foy, so he had no idea how she felt about him. Foy was gone for two years, in those two years Odela started to date. As a matter of fact she actually accepted a marriage proposal, which she later broke off as she realized she was still in love with Foy.
When Foy came back to Oklahoma, Odela was dating another boy; she was trying to get over Foy. The day he came back was a Sunday, he came to the house, and she hid in her room. Her brother came to get her for church, she said “I’m sick” he said “I bet you are, but come on anyway” and had the nerve to laugh at her.
So off to church they go, Foy on one side of Odela and her date on the other, she often said it was then she began to pray that God would just open the floor and take her right then and there. But He didn’t, He had other plans. She survived church that evening, after the boy took her home she broke up with him. She still loved Foy.
The next morning Foy came to the door, Odela said “I’ll get Jess” (her brother), he said “No, it’s you I want to talk to, I don’t think I want you to date any other boy besides me” I believe it is at that point the heavens opened and the Angels sang. She didn’t tell him until years later that she had actually broken up with that boy before Foy arrived on her doorstep.
She quietly said “ok”, two weeks later they were married in a civil ceremony. No muss, no fuss, a quiet ceremony for an extraordinary couple.
I love and miss you Mom and Dad, I hope your anniversary is amazing in heaven!

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