This morning I was carried into work on the dulcet tones of the Bay City Rollers. Have I mentioned my love for them? I do believe they were my very first boy band crush. I loved the drummer, Derek, loved him. With my whole teenage heart. I have always had a thing for drummers. Derek, Peter Kriss, Tommy Lee, I cannot explain my fascination with drummers; I just know I love them.
I digress, The Bay City Rollers, am I the only one out here who still loves them? I still have all of their albums, yes, albums, as in vinyl. Whenever I was sad, an album went on the turntable, soothing, uplifting, pure escapism. Yes, escapism, music enables me to go someplace else, escape from the realities of my life. It still does that for me. I love all music, from classical to rap, I said it, rap, not the hard core stuff, more like Eminem, to me he is rap lite. I remember the first orchestra concert I ever went to, it was in the fifth grade. What an amazing experience, the music just enters your soul; it expands it, fills it, your soul soars. It is nothing short of amazing, if you have never listened to a full on orchestra, please do, start with anything by John Williams. Simply an amazing experience, music truly is a gift from God. Music can change lives, can sooth a crying baby, can heal heartbreak, it can bring people together.
If you are stuck listening to one genre of music, I am asking you to branch out, go to ITunes or Amazon, close your eyes and choose something different, you will not be sorry. It will expand your mind, sooth your soul and enrich your life.
Alright peeps, that is all I have for now. Tomorrow is Friday; I am looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.

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  1. I totally agree with you! Music is one of the greatest things out there, it always uplifts me and when you listen to music you enjoy it makes your day go by faster! That’s how I get through Saturdays work days… It’s just me and Pandora Radio!

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