Alien Invasion Imminent

Today is Friday and I am so looking forward to tomorrow, I am going to sleep in, at least until 6:00 a.m. My main goal for tomorrow is to never leave my pajamas and to get my bedroom organized and to also catch up on all of my DVR’d items. Lofty goals, I know, you are all shocked I am aiming so high. It is a new year and I plan on accomplishing great things, starting with my bedroom.
Coffee is a wonderful thing, I don’t know how people live without it, it is my comfort, my joy, the elixir of life. My morning does not start until I take that first sip, I can feel it instantly going to my veins, infusing me with energy, strength, I can feel my brain waking up. It is a glorious feeling.
Ok, is everyone freaked out about all the birds and fish dying? In different places, not just here in the U.S.; fish dying in Sweden, different states here, and it is not all fish in the area, just one type. Very freaky indeed. It is one of two things, the apocalypse is near, or it is the aliens, preparing to come to earth. I think the voting needs to happen soon to make me the official greeter. People get on that!
My vote goes to the aliens, I fully believe the fish were operatives of the aliens, sent to gather information about earth, however, and when the aliens sent them they thought we were still primordial ooze. So the fish were higher intelligence than earthlings, however when the ship actually hit the galaxy they realized their mistake so a mass cleaning up was called for. The birds are a little different. I think they ran into the space ships, there was a lot of cloud coverage, and as we learned from Star Trek episodes and movies that is enough to cover the ship, oh unless they have the cloaking device. Such a definite possibility.
Happy Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy your day; make it a great Starbucks day!

6 Replies to “Alien Invasion Imminent”

  1. I’ve actually been hearing that all the issues with birds could be indicative of an impending earthquake. Or the magnetic poles switchIng. Whatever it is, we noticed birds acting strangely around here (that is, not flying south for the winter) a couple months ago. Something is definitely causing the birds to act strangely.

    The fish kills, however, are very common. We’re just hearing about it because of the bird stuff.

    And on that note … Happy Friday!

  2. Just depends on which sci-fi books you read!
    Plus, I have utter faith in Angie’s ability as Official Earth Alien Greeter to deflect any non-nice feelings and make all invasions Good Invasions!
    A Vote For Angie is a Vote For Fun Aliens!

  3. Brilliant Idea! Jess next time Amy is in town I say a marathon of the SyFy Channel is in order, I will bring the chocolate covered popcorn and we can introduce her to the notion of nice aliens via the television!

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