I have a new addiction; it is the Smurfs game on the IPad. I cannot play it on my IPhone; it resets itself after I get to a certain level. So the Irishman set it up for me on his IPad, I think he regrets this as he is never going to be able to get that thing back.
So all of the presents have been opened, I think the Irishman’s girls liked their presents, they wrote me the sweetest thank you note. I promptly put it on the fridge were I can see it every day. I almost cried when I read it because it was the sweetest thing. I asked their dad if he had prompted it and he said no, they did it all on their own. So much sweeter now! Those girls are the sweetest things; I wish I could keep them all the time. Dress them up like Barbie dolls, play with their new easy bake oven with them, they are pretty, sweet, funny and smart little girls.
Tomorrow is our anniversary, 3 years since our first date, I don’t know what we are going to do, I left it up to the Irishman. So far I know he has a movie planned. I know he can’t top last year, I don’t expect him to in all honesty, I am not expecting spectacular, just fun.
Well a busy weekend is planned, I need rest for it, will be taking a nap when I get home as we are going to friends of his this evening. They want to show off their Keggerator. He is still not getting one!

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