The Kegerator

Last night the Irishman had his 1759 club meeting to discuss the merits of a flat tax. He invited me to go along with him. After about five minutes of discussing the topic at hand the subject turned to our wedding plans, when I said I didn’t even have a venue picked out yet, the boys went to work, after about an hour I believe they had the whole thing planned.
Then things turned ugly, very ugly folks, Richard began bragging about his recent purchase of a Kegerator, you would have thought the world stopped. The Irishman’s ears literally, physically perked up. He paid close attention, then nodded in agreement when Richard turned to me and announced it would be the perfect Christmas present from me to the Irishman. I was horrified, how did I suddenly get drug into this conversation! No, was the word that escaped my lips, emphatically No. I have to give Richard his due, he never gave up, and by the end of the night he was offering to send me links to make said purchase. Then he invited us over to view his Kegerator, we will be going next week.
I know what you are thinking, how can I be so selfish to not give the Irishman what he wants, well people, it is over $500.00 and we have a wedding to pay for, a trip to Ireland to save for, and a multitude of other expenses right now. To be honest I wouldn’t care if he had one, if it went somewhere other than the living room or the bedroom, both Richards’ suggestion.
In the interest of keeping everyone happy and by everyone I do mean Richard, I have cleaned, bleached and emptied the refrigerator in the garage. Until a Kegerator is feasible for us, he can fill it with as many libations as it can hold. Merry Christmas sweetheart.

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