Psuedo Friday!

Today is my Friday; all I can say is TGIF! I am beyond exhausted, with only one weekend day and working Thanksgiving and the day after, I am ready to sleep in tomorrow. Of course it will not be a long sleep in; I have a lot to do. Pack up the apartment; get things ready to move on Saturday. Very excited!
Tonight the Irishman and I are going to my friend Wanda’s house for a Christmas gathering, so much fun. I absolutely adore Wanda, the Irishman told me out of all of my Mary Kay friends he has met, she is his favorite. And he told me this when he was inebriated, so I know it is the truth. Guinness is like truth serum for him.
I am thinking of cutting out the caffeine in the new year, however, I believe if I did that my whole system would shut down. I firmly believe that my whole nervous system is dependent on large doses of caffeine. Not in the form of sodas, but in the pure form of coffee. I love coffee, coffee treats, coffee by itself with heavy whipping cream and a little sweet and low. I have been having a love affair with coffee for as long as I can remember. Every diet I have ever indulged in has included coffee, so cutting it of my life would be cruel, cruel for the coffee industry and cruel for me. I believe cruel for everyone around me as I would go through massive withdrawals.
Happy Friday everyone! I will be indulging my coffee treat cravings with Starbucks today, so go out and make it a great Starbucks day!

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