No Kidney Disease!

The Christmas season is in full swing, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, I am completely done purchasing for the Irishman, for Jeffrey and Tessa, just one more thing for Elisabeth, Elizabeth will help me with her items, I have some need some more, she will also help me with Freddy, Alex, one more thing, but I need him with me for that.
I have to admit I had a blast shopping for the Irishman’s girls, the things I found! I cannot wait to see if they like their new things. I promise this is like a disease, I cannot go anywhere without seeing something for someone I love! This has been a fun Christmas so far.
Yesterday I did what is becoming one of my favorite new traditions, shopping for our Christmas Eve feast with my daughter in law. Yesterday we added stores to our route, Target, Dots, Ulta, and then the Groceries. So much fun.
I wish my leg would stop hurting, I have pulled something in my left side, now the pain is radiating down my left leg. I have gone to the doctor, I have gotten muscle relaxers, which I hate taking as they make me all loopy and drunk feeling, and steroids. Those are not having a good effect on my stomach that is all I am saying. The pain is getting worse though. I may have to call her back if the pain doesn’t go away by Thursday. Also, no high heels for a week! What am I supposed to do with that? I don’t have enough outfits for no heels. Tomorrow the Irishman is having his 1759 club meeting, the last one of 2010, and he has invited me to go. What am I supposed to wear???? Huge dilemma. I don’t even know how to do anything without heels. I am also not supposed to be lifting things, but I think we all know how that is working out.
The good news is I don’t have kidney disease, which works out because I do not have time for dialysis, they would just have to give me a new kidney.

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  1. Hang on for a second while I recover from my whiplash. You went from saying “I need a new kidney” to “what do you mean I can’t wear heels” so fast my head is spinning.

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