I went to the doctor yesterday to figure out what is wrong with me, ok, just the one thing that is wrong with me, because the other stuff, well, I embrace the other stuff. So he says what I think is wrong with me, he doesn’t think that is the problem. He said I don’t have the right kind of symptoms. So he is running blood work to check some things, if the tests come back normal he is sending me to an endocrinologist. I have resisted the urge to go to WebMD to check the symptoms. It is killing me not to go there. He said something about thyroid issues, well let me tell you I know it is not hypo-thyroid, because my dad had that and he lost weight. No, I can’t have a disease where you lose weight; I have to have something that makes me look like a puffer fish. Of course that could be all the recent coffee treats from Starbucks. Darn me and my addictions.
So, the Irishman said something the other day that has bothered me, he was talking about someone he knows and he said that this person’s girlfriend had the upper hand in the relationship. The upper hand. Why does someone have to have the upper or lower hand in a relationship? Why can’t a relationship be on equal footing? My parents had the perfect example of an equal relationship. So I asked the Irishman what he meant, he said that said person had no say in the relationship. The girlfriend controls this person. My thoughts on this is the Irishman doesn’t know what is going on at home, I have a feeling this is a person that needs to be kept in check.
I really hope they find out why I am so hot all the time, I am so happy with 30 degree weather, I don’t wear a coat, no hat, no gloves. I just go outside and give thanks that something has cooled me down. It is not flashes, it is constant. I cannot cool down. Giving in to urges going to WebMD now.

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  1. Equality takes a sense of self and sense of other that is actually rare in individuals. We take it for granted here in America because our political and legal system is supposedly built around it.
    Like all pack animals, humans are heirarchal in nature. Most just have the need to know and enforce where their place in the pecking order is.
    Sad but true. Most humans are incapable of true equality.

  2. well be glad you dont have hot flashes. i gave up on the meds i still got them and still have them….

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