Today is Monday, a Monday after having a one day weekend! Tons of coffee is called for, and trust me, I have partaken already. I am not complaining of my one day weekend, I appreciate my co-workers willingness to trade days with me so I could have four full days to move and get situated without having to take precious vacation time. I am just tired now, I think I finally got the living room done, ready for all of the Christmas decorations I have some up now, will be getting the tree this weekend. I always wait until later due to it being a real tree. If I put up a fake tree it would already be up!
Tessa was with me Saturday night and Sunday morning and afternoon, what fun we had, she was my big helper! She helped me unpack boxes and move them to the garage, and helped me arrange Christmas decorations in the living room; she played with all of the beanie babies we found during the move. She helped by taking said beanie babies home with her!
I will be working on the master bedroom next, that is my goal at least, and curtains will be going up today. Have to go to the store and get new curtain rods, the ones I have are not long enough! Wish me luck!

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