I have been thinking a lot lately about the subject of change, oh not the whole presidential campaign promise of change, who really believed that? No, what I was thinking about was whether or not people can change. I don’t believe they can, well, their core personalities, that cannot be changed. I think that people can soften themselves, for example, and yes, I will use me, if I use anyone else people will get angry with me. Or they may not even recognize themselves; anyhow, I shall use myself.
I am an honest person, at times brutally honest, I get it from my Dad’s side of the family, and we all have that tendency. He had that trait in overdrive; I hate to say I have inherited that from him. Not that it is bad to be honest, it is wonderful, however, to be so frank all the time, with no softening the blow talent is, well it is not how you win friends and influence people.
Cordelia Chase said it best “tact is just not saying true stuff” that seems to be the motto of one section of my family. Myself included, however, over the years I have learned to temper the truth with gentleness, when needed. Trust me when I tell you I am still brutally honest and frank when the situation warrants it and I feel the person I am speaking with will not get it if I am too gentle with them.
So my core personality has remained intact, I have not changed in that respect. What has changed is the way I deliver the message. The point here is whatever a person’s core personality is, they will not change, they are incapable of it.

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