Vote for Star Trek

I think there is something wrong with me. I cannot cool down. I am hot all of the time. I have not turned the heat on in my home because it would kill me! I walked outside today and was so grateful for the 43 degree breeze that welcomed me. I think my internal core processors are damaged. I blame stress. That is what I am sticking with because the other explanation is just not acceptable at this point in my life.
I don’t know why women are singled out in nature to be tortured. I believe that men should be tortured by nature. But not, look at Hugh Hefner he is still cavorting with 19 year olds and he is almost 90! What the heck. Women that age are expected to knit or something. Nature is so not fair.
I am still trying to decide what color I want my hair to be, if I had gray hair I would go blonde. I am thinking about going back to red, but it took me a long time to get that out of my hair. I went back to my natural color and while I like that right now I am bored and need a change. Any suggestions?
So I am currently reading Cleopatra’s Daughter, so far I am liking it, I love reading anything about that time period. The book is a fictional account of what happened to Cleopatra and Antony’s two oldest children after they were taken to Rome. It made me think about the story of Romulus and Remus, then that made me think of Romulans and Vulcan’s, then that led me back to the alien greeter job. It is a vicious cycle. It all leads back to that job. Then I started thinking about Star Trek and Spock. Everything in life is found in Star Trek. We should make that the national Television show, and movies. Except for the one with the whales, oh and the other bad one. The latest one was pure brilliance.
I am going to have to work up a proposal to submit to the committee who decides these things; Congress seems to have nothing better to do these days. Perhaps I shall send it to them.

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  1. – Maybe it is all the hot coffee you are drinking that is causing your internal body thermometer to get screwed up. Yeah… that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.
    – Not even going to TOUCH the “singled out by nature thing.” Everything I say will get me in trouble.
    – Really??? Star Trek IV not good? What world are you living in? And just remember this mantra: the even numbered Star Trek movies are good, the odd numbered not so much.
    – But I thought we were talking about National TV shows. If you bring the movies in, then you know what comes into play that will trounce your choice. Remember: Darth Vader was the original part man/part machine bada$$ decades before the Borg came around…

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