Too Tired to be Coherent

I am so tired today; I had the best time last night at Don and Gladys’, so happy we went. The food was terrific, the company was even better. Lots of food and laughter, what a great combination.
Today I am here sans makeup, so no one look at me, I was too tired to even put it on! Next weekend is moving time, if anyone wants to volunteer to help, show up! I am so excited to move to the new apartment, I am ready to have more space and will actually be putting the Irishman’s things in the closet first so there will be room for him! Otherwise I will overtake it all. I cannot wait to have a garage attached to my abode again, I have seriously missed that, also the kitchen is huge! With an island, I am so excited about that!
I have called and the cable guy will be out there on Saturday, so cool, and the electric is being switched over on Friday, everything is done but the packing. Any volunteers for that? Anyone? I see no hands going up; guess that means I will be doing it.
I think I ate too much yesterday, I am still full! I brought grapefruit to eat today, I am going to seriously have to go on a cleanse after the holidays. Ok people, I hope everyone had a good holiday, if you are out shopping today please be careful!

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