The Way I Look

Yesterday I posted something on Facebook that was meant to be sarcasm but some took very seriously. I said that if Portia DeRossi could live on 300 calories a day so could I. Well that was sarcasm; I will not be doing that. However my 500 calorie 50 grams of protein diet is very real, one I got from a doctor and a nutritionist. It is meant to be a cleanse. You can do it for up to six weeks; however I only do it for two weeks, usually after the first of the year. I usually need to do a cleanse due to all of the holiday indulging!
I received a lot of the Irishman thinks you are sexy the way you are. Well, my weight issues don’t have anything to do with him. Although if I gained a lot of weight I can tell you he would not be happy. We all have issues with the way we look; we could be perfect and still find a flaw. Ask any super model they will tell you what they don’t like about themselves. As for me, I would change my arms, thighs, face, stomach and calves. But since I cannot afford that much plastic surgery at the moment, I will continue to wear clothes that disguise my problem areas and only dream about the day I can fix me. After I am fixed I am sure I will find another part of me to focus on.
I woke up to fall in the air, it was crisp and cool, perfect boot weather. Amazing! I love it. And yes, I am wearing boots today. My favorite black, BCBG quilted boots. Love them.
What is everyone else wearing this beautiful cool morning?

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