Snoop Pupp

One thing that can make me happy is discussing Whedonesque topics. Nicholas Brendon was on Private Practice the past two weeks, for those of you not in the know, he was Xander on Buffy. His performance was nothing short of brilliant. Truly Emmy worthy, I hope the academy is paying attention. The same night, on Grey’s Anatomy, Amber Benson, once again, for those not in the know, Tara on Buffy. I want everyone to know that I have raised my children the correct way, that night I received a text from Elizabeth exclaiming “OMG Willow’s girlfriend is on Grey’s”. Then “Xander is on PP”! It was a proud parent moment.
God bless Shonda Rhimes, the creator of both shows, she is a self admitted Buffy fan, she has a lot of the Buffy/Angel alums on her shows. Huge thank you to her!
Yesterday I got my copy of Toy Story 3 in the mail! So excited! Cannot wait to watch it, yes, I saw it in the theater, however, this is a watchable movie and I will be watching again. With or without Tessa.
Oh! Huge news! I have been given the task of taking Jess shopping. His sister has specific things she wants him to wear for family Christmas pictures. My idea for their family photo is all of the boys dressed as Snoop Dogg, Jess’ son being Snoop Pupp of course, the girls as Katy Perry, with their Patriarch Ed being Snoop Clause. Brilliant Idea! I cannot wait to see those pictures! Amy, seriously, think about it! OMG I am cracking up just thinking about it. Greatness! They are the perfect family to do it, as it is so out of character. They are all so classy and sophisticated that no one would expect it! Perhaps if they decide against that they can do it for April 1!

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  1. You. Are. Crazy. (And really freakin’ funny too.) You know that the patriarch and matriarch have absolutely no clue who Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg are, right?

    Repeat after me: Nordstrom. Gray and black. Conservative. Classy.

    But I’ll try to get Jess in a rapper pose. Don’t think that’s one traditionally in a photographer’s posing guide.

  2. I dropped the Snoop Claus idea on the patriarch last night. He must have know who Snoop was because the look of horror on his face was priceless.

    Word up, foshizzle.

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