Rock Star

Every woman has a fashion piece in her wardrobe that makes her feel like a rock star. I am convinced of this. For me, it is my Betsy Johnson brown leather belt. It just rocks and when I wear it I feel like a rock star. I wear it with my lower cut jeans with my brown lace up boots, which totally rock. I feel different, I walk different, it is just a feeling that I could totally live the rock star life. And when I say rock star, I mean rock star, not pop star. I feel like I could have been Deborah Harry in her Blondie days.
I have a lot of designer pieces in my wardrobe these days, but none make me feel like a rock star like that Betsy Johnson belt. I could never have afforded it except for the fact that a department store was going out of business and it was at a super reduced price. Love it!
I know I haven’t mentioned this in a while, but I am not doing well. I still miss my friend, I think about her every day, there is so much going on right now that I would love to have her opinion and advice on. I’ll be honest, I don’t know where to turn for that advice, she is the only one I know that had experience in what I am going through. I know that sounds selfish and I should be happy that she is at peace and no longer in pain, but I miss her so very much.
On a happier note, today I am going to see Jeffrey and Elizabeth, possibly Freddy and Arthur and Mickey, Doggie and the other various animals that live with Elizabeth. I am more and more realizing that I did a great job with my kids. They very simply rock.

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