My name is Angie

I hate when people spell my name incorrectly. How hard is it to spell Angie? Apparently incredibly hard, at least at work it is. I don’t know how to train these people to spell my name correctly. They keep spelling it Angi. Seriously? WTH!
Ok, got that out of my system, my weekend was jam packed again, Tessa Saturday, she spent the night. So much fun. That girl is just funny. Real conversation: Me: Gigi needs some coffee. Tessa: Me too! Me: How ‘bout chocolate milk? Tessa: Why not coffee? It was funny, BTW she did not get the coffee, she opted for the chocolate milk.
Sunday was Halloween, so it was to Jeffrey’s house to see Tessa dressed as Jessie from Toy Story, then back home to see Jess and his son, dressed as a fireman, son, not Jess. Cutest fireman EVER! I did get to snap a picture of Jess, his son, and Chewie. As many of you know Jess is Chewie’s real owner. It was a great photo op, it is a great picture.
Today at work by 5am, but no worries, cause I will get to leave at 1:30. I am trying to get back into a routine. I am looking forward to this coming weekend, I will get to celebrate my friend Bill’s retirement with him and his family and more friends. So looking forward to that.

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