Mondays totally rock!

This weekend went by way too fast; it was once again cram packed with activity. First off on Saturday it was a shopping excursion with Elizabeth Anne. So much fun, I love shopping with that girl. She is hysterical. First it was a stop to our favorite place, Taco Bueno, yum, where I proceeded to get a tostado that was almost all lettuce, huge disappointment. But other than that snafu, all was good, well other than taking Park, who knew that was a huge parking lot! Not me, will not be going that way again.
Saturday night was a retirement party for a dear friend, I am so beyond happy for him. I finally got to meet his family; they are just as nice as he is greatness. So much fun getting to see him so happy and relaxed and surrounded by his friends and family. I am happy and jealous at the same time!
Sunday was shopping for household things; I still have not gone grocery shopping. It is a chore I absolutely hate. But it is a necessity as the Irishman’s children will be with us on Tuesday thru Friday morning and well, children do enjoy eating. I did make a stop for a treat for myself, I went to La Madeleine for their tomato basil soup, which is the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. I don’t get it that often because it is cream based and full of calories, so it is a once in a while treat. It has been about a year since I last had it. It was time.
I was in search of boots for me yesterday, I found none that spoke to me, so I bought none. Oh, the most amazing thing happened in the mall, I saw my ex-step-brother-in-law’s ex-wife! She looks just like Demi Moore and no I am not exaggerating. It was nice seeing her again; she has not aged a day and is still just as nice.
I fell asleep at 7:30 and woke at 1:00, finally went back to sleep at 2:00, then the Irishman woke me at 3:12! My alarm did not go off! Apparently it is an IPhone glitch. I hope it is fixed by tomorrow morning.
So, the past two weeks the Irishman has been fixing the coffee in the mornings, except for Saturday and Sunday, major confession time. He makes better coffee than I. I always thought I made good coffee, turns out not so much. His is way better, so just for that fact alone I have to keep him around! Wedding on!
Happy Monday peeps! Go out and make your week a great one!

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  1. At least you have your priorities straight. Food with Daughter. Boots. Fiancee who can make coffee. Sounds… well, appropriate to you.

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