Leave My Buffy alone!

I find myself angry, angry at an entertainment industry that has the audacity to think they can “re-boot” Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Joss Whedon, without Sarah Michelle Gellar, without Anthony Stewart Head, without Alyson Hannigan, without Nicholas Brendon, without James Marsters or David Boreanaz. The thought is indeed sickening; I am saddened, disillusioned and disheartened.
A Buffy movie without Joss at the helm is unthinkable; the majority of the snappy dialogue came from him, the wit mixed with horror mixed with teen angst, brilliance personified. I admit I still watch Buffy on Chill and Logo, and catch Angel on TNT, I own all of the seasons on DVD thanks to my amazing children who strangely enough do not judge this obsession.
The original movie was horrendous, Kristie Swanson as Buffy, please, but let’s be real here, Joss was just starting out, had this brilliant idea about a powerful female lead who, instead of running from things that go bump in the night, she stakes them. He sold his rights and lost control and it was bastardized. Let us not confuse this mess with his brilliant turn on the small screen.
Week after week we got to watch Buffy saving the world, not only from Vampires, but Witches, Werewolves and a mega monster created by our own government. We also got to see her show compassion to a werewolf, Oz, played brilliantly by Seth Green. And how awesome was Willows transformation from shy geeky bookworm girl to wickedly strong wiccan? We watched her fall in love with a werewolf and then a witch. Watching her find her path and realize who she was, well the writing and performance was amazing. Handled deftly by the incredibly talented Alyson Hannigan.
Let us never forget Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase, a character I could relate to as she was stylish, snobby and popular. When se showed up on Angel, we watched her grow from a selfish, self centered “mean-girl” to a defender of the defenseless, without losing her self-centeredness and her love of fashion and yes, she was still a little bit of the ‘mean-girl”, but this time it was directed at demons and vampires and the partners of Wolfram and Hart. To this day Cordelia Chase remains my favorite character. Her growth was truly incredible, handled yet by another underrated actor. Someone give Charisma Carpenter her own show! Please!
The actors were overlooked constantly despite turning in stellar performances week after week. We watched Buffy die twice and come back to life, without it being a soap opera cliché. How do these people ever hope to capture this lightening in a bottle, once in lifetime chemistry, a perfect blend of writing, acting and action sequences?
Unless Joss gives his blessing, which at this point he is not, I will not be going to see this mess.

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