Happy Birthday Tammi

This past Saturday was the big take Jess shopping day to get his outfit for the big family Christmas photos. First stop Bueno, yay! Then on to the mall, the shopping experience was made so much more pleasant by the sales girl Ann. She was personable without being obnoxious, helpful without being intrusive, the perfect blend. We were successful! Great outfit for Jess, sent photo to Amy, her approval was forthcoming, and then a tasty Starbucks treat! All in all a very successful shopping trip.
Then it was grocery store then home, Sunday was spent totally inside the homestead. Laundry was done, sheets changed, saw Alex, all in all another good day.
The schedules for Thanksgiving Day and the day after came out; I am working 7:00 to 3:30 both days. Very happy with those hours, I can sleep in two hours both days. Before you think oh wow she has to work, I volunteered to work. It is good money and two relatively easy days.
So I found the perfect Christmas present for the Irishman, I am so freakin excited about it! I cannot wait to see the look on his face Christmas day when he opens it! It is perfect! I am way excited about Christmas; I have in mind what I want to get Tessa. I am not doing any major shopping until after we move. Then it is on! Shop till you drop then crawl!
So this next two months means no new shoes for me, I will be funneling all of my extra cash into Christmas. Happily so.
Today is my BFF’s birthday; I want everyone to give a huge shout out to Tammi! Happy Birthday to someone who has been my best friend since we were thirteen years old! She has been there through thick and thin. Tammi you rock, I hope you have a totally awesome day!

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