Giving Thanks

Well it is the week of Thanksgiving, where families get together and give thanks for all of the good things that have happened to them the past year. My children spend Thanksgiving with their dad; they do this every year that is typically when his whole family gets together, I never wanted my children to miss that. So I typically don’t do anything, one year I actually got to do a Buffy marathon, when I started working in the subsidiary I work for now I have worked every Thanksgiving, and the day after. Last year was the first year I have ever done anything for Thanksgiving; I went to Henry and Alicia’s house. This year Gladys has invited me and the Irishman, I believe he will also be in possession of two of his children.
I will be working, but will be done by 3:30, so plenty of time to join in the festivities. I have to admit it is odd celebrating Thanksgiving after all of these years of purposely avoiding it.
Well, now for my own list of things I am thankful for this past year:
I am thankful for a fiancée that doesn’t try and change any of my weird quirks.
I am thankful for a new technique in the medical field that will relieve my son’s pain.
I am thankful for a daughter that is not only beautiful but thoughtful, insightful, intelligent and wickedly funny.
I am thankful that my son is finding his footing in this world.
I am thankful for a healthy, amazing granddaughter.
I am thankful for amazing friends; I seriously don’t know what I would do without you all.
That is all I can write for now without blubbering like a big fat baby, I hope everyone has a great holiday no matter how you celebrate it, whether it is with family or in solitude with a Buffy marathon.

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