Free Starbucks

I love Christmas. Today I am wearing a long sleeve T from that gap that is purple (dark purple) with Angel in silver emblazoned across the chest. I love wearing Christmas clothes. Not the weird sweaters, that yes, I admit to wearing in the ‘80’s, everyone dressed weird then, not just me. I look back at pictures and am so embarrassed! OMG who decided it was ok to wear acid wash jeans? Or those strange sweaters, and Units? I can’t even begin to apologize for the horrid fashion sense that was rampant then. All I can do is try and make up for it now.
Today I am rockin’ my cool Christmas T with my purple suede Chinese Laundry ankle boot, 4 inch heels, of course, with my killer Betsy Johnson belt. Today is a good fashion day. I also listened to Christmas music coming into work. Alas, Jess’ favorite Feliz Navidad was not playing, if anyone sees Jess today please sing that song to him. He LOVES it. He especially loves it when people spontaneously sing it to him. So please, please, please, make his day and burst into song when you see him.
I heard a song this morning by Vanessa Williams, does anyone remember her? She is on Desperate Housewives this season, is it me or has her forehead grown to unexplainable proportions. It looks like she has plucked her hair to make it bigger, or maybe her hair is falling out, I understand that happens a lot with actresses. They use so much product and straighteners and curling irons and blow dryers it damages the hair so much it falls out. But if that is the case why is she not having that fixed. Oh, maybe someone told her that was fashionable. But really that was only fashionable in Renaissance Florence and then it was only popular with the “public” women, not the nobility. I don’t understand it, I find it distracting, I can’t even watch her on TV, when she is in a scene I have to look away. Her forehead scares me.
Yesterday I got the best surprise, a card for a free coffee treat at Starbucks, now I find myself in a quandary, do I use it today and get a coffee treat, or do I save it as I have said I am going back to once a week and I had it on Sunday. I am going to need help with this decision. So I am open to any and all suggestions.

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